Take a breath and Disconnect


Ooops, this post doesn’t really have anything to do with food (sorry!)…but I think it’s 150% necessary!

This past Memorial weekend in Northern Wisconsin with family was just SO wonderful and relaxing I had to share.


Wanna know why???

Not only was the weather 80 degrees and sunny nearly the entire time (extremely rare for May in N. Wisconsin!) but because I hardly looked at my phone the entire time!

I was instead, able to take a breath and be present in the moment –  and not staring down at my phone.

Very hard thing to do in this day and age, right?!

That meant – NO facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, pinterest…you name it. I can’t say I didn’t look at them at all…because I actually did, but it was so infrequent it’s barely worth mentioning.


Being a blogger…i’m a social media whore. I mean you have to be if you want a successful blog.

It’s quite challenging to disconnect, because I always want to be doing something for my blog.

I’ve noticed I spend SO much more time on social media than I did prior to starting my blog last fall.

It’s actually not even just social media, but being on your phone with your head down not focussed on what’s going on around you.


Have you all seen the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? There’s a scene at the end of the movie that stuck with me. I tried to find a clip on YouTube and it was a fail.

Basically the main character played by Ben Stiller, is sitting next to a world famous photographer. They are in the wild, and watching a snow leopard. Ben Stiller’s character asks the photographer why he isn’t taking pictures of this awesome moment, and the photographer explains that sometimes he doesn’t take a picture because he want’s to enjoy the moment for himself.

Ahhhh I just L-O-V-E that the photographer chooses to keep the present moment, and not ruin it by focusing on getting a good photograph.



Clearly I still take pictures haha! My point with this story is that we need to take a breath and dissconect to fully enjoy the present moment. It’s incredibly relaxing to disconnect from phones and social media.

A Canadian blogger I follow – Davida from The Healthy Maven (check out her blog, it’s awesome!) wrote a post not too long ago about Balancing Technology…it really got me thinking about my own connection to technology.

I’m not bashing social media or cell phone’s here…but i’ve come to realize there’s a time and a place for it.


It shouldn’t consume you.

Just a little reminder…be sure to take a break from it guys, and enjoy the moment infront of you. After all, the present moment is the only moment we have 😉

Happy Wednesday!! I promise a recipe for Friday – Thanks for visiting LEFT SIDE OF THE TABLE 😀

  • Davida

    Omg another Davida? Lol. Loved this blog Kelly! Definitely one of my favorites.

    • kellyjanke2

      Haha yes Davida! Check out her blog! Thanks so much, happy you enjoyed it dear :)

  • http://pickfreshfoods.com Cindy @ Pick Fresh Foods

    I think it is good to disconnect every now and then. When everyone is home I find it harder to want to work. I have young teens and I know they will only be home for a few more years before they are off to college. I’ve got to savor every moment. I really need to find a good balance 😀 Beautiful pictures and a nice reminder to put down the phone and see all that is in front of us 😀

    • kellyjanke2

      Aww thanks for your input Cindy! Yes, savor every moment with them! It’s definitely a balance thing that I totally struggle with, and I think a lot of other people do too! Have a fabulous weekend!

  • Natalie @ Tastes Lovely

    I loved Walter Mitty! And I know the exact scene you’re talking about. That was super inspirational to me too. One of my favorite vacations we take is to Shawn’s uncle’s cabin in the woods that has no cell service and no wifi, and only a DVD player. It is the best! Refreshing to disconnect from everything. Glad you had a great memorial day weekend!

    • kellyjanke2

      Ohhh yay! I was hoping someone would know what I was talking about! Yeah, idk why that part just moved me through the roof! It was just SO true! Sounds like a fun place you go to! Always great to ditch the phone. It really is like taking a deep breath! Thanks so much for visiting Nat 😉

  • http://www.thelawstudentswife.com/ Erin@theLawStudentsWife

    What a breath of fresh air! This is such a wonderful reminder to unplug. I’m glad you had a lovely weekend!

    • kellyjanke2

      It’s just too easy to forget we need the break! I’m such a social media junkie, which all of us food bloggers are especially! Thanks for visiting Erin :)

  • simplygloria1

    I love disconnecting from social media, and our phones. My hubs and I have a rule… no phones after 9 pm every single night. Otherwise, we’re sitting together on the couch into our phones and not into each other’s company. It drives some peeps crazy to not have their phone… but I actually like when the internet goes down (which happens daily while I’m on the darn computer trying to do the blog thing!). Did I mention we live up high in the mountains and it’s hard for service, darn. It just means I can focus on other things until it comes back on…. like laundry. hehe
    Love this post, kelly!!

    • kellyjanke2

      LOVE that rule of 9pm. Davida who I mentioned in this post has that same rule! I however can’t do it, because I usually write my posts late at night because it’s not my full time job yet! I hope to set a time soon, I really like the idea of it! haha that would be frustrating to have the internet stop working every day! But, maybe a blessing in disguise? Thanks so much for a wonderful comment Gloria! Enjoy the weekend!

  • http://lifemadesweeter.com/ Kelly @ Life made Sweeter

    Loved this post Kelly! Such a great reminder that we all need to unplug and enjoy the moment. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures and have a wonderful rest of the weekend lady :)

    • kellyjanke2

      Very happy to hear, Kelly! Thanks so much! I think we all need a reminder of this sometimes 😉 Hope you’re enjoying this weekend!